Monday, July 27, 2009

Youth Worker

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I've worked with teens in the past. I was punched while separating a fight with two 13 year olds over a boy. One girl told me ' I hate you and my boyfriend will deal with you". I have her art work my bedside. 3 years later.
I vowed that working with teens was not my thing....but I know how important it is. So I do it occasionally.

This morning I had a session sharing with about 16 youth, ages 13- 18 about my career in sustainability, environment and community jobs, conservation etc. It was very important that these teens, mostly of African or Hispanic descent, of immigrant parents in many cases, heard from a young person(i think that's me) in this field. That was a loaded sentence....they are many layers to it...ask me later.

When doing hard work it's important to look pretty and feel good about your self. Teens will tear you apart if you allow them to! A pretty skirt helps...Skirt - I adore this skirt, I bought it 4 yrs ago in Jamaica!! It's a very green skirt, flowers and all - how much more cheesy can I get?

be good. do better. look your best.


Anonymous said...

I love this outfit on you. Very simple in its sophistication.


thank you so much.