Friday, July 3, 2009

Chartreuse You!

When you are down. When you are unsure. When you haven't written your proposal that is due in 2 days.  You wear a brilliant very versatile  chartreuse v neck t-shirt that you got for $4.99.  You Dance! Sing Smile! Love! Pray!

'Cause this too shall pass!

Can't find my camera charger so I'm sharing old pics of how I wore it in the past!


Black girl with long hair said...

what?! did you find that stuff in thrift stores?!

Black girl with long hair said...


Point & C A P T U R E said...

i love the strapless with a t under...would never have thought to put the two together...that's thinking outside the box : )


Thanks. The jeans and dress arent thrift finds. The other are.