Friday, July 3, 2009

On oral tradition and fashion blogs



With the Caribbean Fashion Week coming up, I was asking myself once again why there is still no Jamaican street fashion blog out there and why there isn´t even one single Jamaican submission on sites like which has pictures from e.g. MalaysiaMexico and Brazil.

Is it the lack of money for equipment? Is it the lack of access to the online world? Is it Jamaicans not being interested in style and fashion? Is it the lack of attractive people?

I don´t think so. Look at the music business which has always been at the edge of the technological evolution. Look at sites like the Afflicted Yard and the vast number of Jamaicans on social networks like Facebook and Hi5. Look at pictures from back in the days as well as shots from today. Look atthese girls.

So what is it then?


I found this very relevant post. ( Relevant to who? Me, at least). I jumped in and provided my two cents. One reason I offered, was that the Afro-Caribbean culture, Jamaican in this case, is one rooted in oral tradition. Word of mouth, acquired norms, behavioral patterns, dress, food custom etc. This holds true for many non western cultures. Your mommy showed you how to dress, your grandma made the outfits and you learned to accessorize and re-mix out of dire need sometimes. Most of the documentation on the fashion of post colonial countries was, and still is done by foreigners, and natives who lived outside the country. The post below is from Seen , Jamaicans in Germany! Not to say we do not record our own history and culture. With the now prevalence of digital cameras, phone and web 2.0.....blogs, in particular, I've learned about the fashion of Nigeria, countries in Asia and South America. I can share the following dancehall sites:

I still need to do some homework. Cultural survival is integral to sustainability.....not just the culture of the masses!
be good. do better. look your best.

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