Tuesday, July 21, 2009

About me...response to your emails.

I am wife, daughter, friend, sister , volunteer, lover, stripper, head cook and bottle washer.

Currently a grad school student doing a MA in Sustainable International Development with a focus on biodiversity conservation in Small Island Developing States.

An Afro- Caribbean culture buff, world citizen, wanna be drummer and maroon throne heiress.

A lover of skirts, crisp white shirts, cotton and silk dresses, 1970's purses, flats, turquoise jewelry and thongs.

Been relaxed, waxed, cut, colored and locked. Now I am feeling my own hair for the first time ever.

I am recorded as a hyphenated American, I prefer reluctant immigrant.

Conversation starter, dance floor filler and non sports player.

Interior design and boutique ownership is a dream, my mother a muse and traveling is a habit.

I drink more soup and tea than water, eat more vegetable than flesh and I miss my father's farm products.

Oh yes,

and I am not yet me.

be good. do better. look your best.

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