Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do you eat food?

Chipotle: Mexican Grill Resturants has become a favorite chain restaurant of mine when I need a fast meal, that's not fast food. Their guacamole & black bean burrito is so good. 

So, I am currently reading Michael Pollan's " In Defense of Food" and was super excited to see that Chipotle is sponsoring free screenings of the 'must see' movie Food Inc.

If you eat food. Especially in America. You should see this. 
The movie examines the food and agricultural industry in the USA. I will not taint your meal today , but be reminded not everything we eat is food, or the way it is produced is completely unjust and unsustainable. Check out this site to see when and where it is showing. 

Have you seen it? What do you think? Truth or Propaganda?

be good. do better.look your best.

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