Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Breaking up is hard to do

CIMG0066, originally uploaded by tavaughn22.

This beautiful and ornate design exists on the back of a hooded track suit I own. The outfit is a tad too tight but I do not want to give away or consign it since I love the embroidered work so much.

a.) Do I remove the design and stitch it on to something else?
b.) Do I keep I frame it as wall art?
c.) Do I count my loss and pass it on to someone who will enjoy it?

And I thought leaving my job was hard decision...
Vote a, b or c.

be good. do better. look your best.


Isabel said...

Hey there - I love the concept of your sustainability and style blog. My blog is mostly about fashion, but environmental conservation is one of my primary interests (currently getting my degree in Environment and Resource Studies) and I try to merge that into my style through buying secondhand!

Anonymous said...

A.) You can definitely put it on a throw pillow or small bed pillow. Framing is a good idea too IF you have a place in mind already. Otherwise it will be in a frame in a drawer or somewhere unhung collecting dust.


I like the pillow idea...and yes on the dust collection.
@Isabel thanks for stopping by. I checked you out too. Where do u go to school?

CSB said...

I vote frame it as wall art. you love it, its a part of you and I think that framing fabric is a great way to DIY a new, one of a kind piece for your home