Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What do park people wear?

As a rule, I do not think head scarves are appropriate work wear. Although I work in a very casual environment [ insert: hippie green and public park people] where I have seen everything from sweat pants to tube dresses. I am determined to 'look my best'. If I rolled out of bed and went to work I would fit right in with the gang.

My hair is braided, but am not too ready to wear it out in public like that...besides. I look quite butch(not to offend any one).

I figured if I was wearing a scarf and since I was going to playground opening with the Mayor of Boston, I should dress it up.....pumps and pearls always take things up a notch!

Scarf - $1 @Wet Seal Shirt- Lacoste Skirt - Marshall's Pumps - DSW Faux Pearls - Goodwill( a box of 9 pieces at varying length $5)

P.S I am breaking up with my job today so I wanted to look nice doing it...I think I did okay? Yeah?

be good. do better. look your best.

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Mo said...

i think you look fabulous.