Thursday, July 30, 2009

On polished Beauty

Foot models - my sister and I.( we both have chicken looking feet)

The blog world is quite fun. You meet lot's of folks...mostly ladies, who have interests that make them interesting. To say the least. :) Adore Pink over at Polished Beauty is an example. She has a healthy appetite for nail polish. We all, or most of us do pedicures and manicures or as my Dad would say " footcials and handcials (read: foot-shals and hand-shals). I went through the acrylic phase and would never go back. But this 21 year old college student describes herself as "self-proclaimed feminist and nail polish addict".

Last Friday after checking through her blog throughly I looked at my own nails and made a emergency stop at the local "nail shop".

I don't mind that my influence comes from the " blog next door" and not the television. I am concerned about the acetone etc and toxicity of the polish. But with skills like's a tiny price to pay for pretty painted paws!!

be good. do better. look your best!

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adorepink said...

How cool! You blogged about me and my crazy obsession with nail polish. :-)I always read your blog and admire your style." You're amazing, thanks for the blog love.
So you ran to your local nail shop?! I always say that a manicure can make your look more "polished", not that you need help or anything, so its an addition to your fabulousness!