Monday, August 24, 2009

The week that overload.

Will talk in incoherent manner today. Will post all of last week's pictures...week was hectic but enjoy dressing under pressure.

Prepping for the big trip to St. Lucia on Saturday. I question if the ' much anticipated' experience working on conservation with six governments of small Caribbean islands is worth me running around like a headless chicken trying to get my house in order before I leave. I could just accept a normal life by a desk someplace where wearing a silk dress to work is okay and documenting coral reef health, counting wildlife and training farmers and fishermen is not involved! With all this the mother-in-law moves in on Monday to care for Mr. Husband while I am away. Anyhow, this is not therapy so I wont go on.....this is what I wore...

To church.. I really needed the spiritual boost.
To the supermarket and pharmacy, my Soy Joy party package arrived. More on that later.
The Haley House. Great food, job training for formerly homeless. Herbal teas, free refills and they use produce from neighborhood gardens.
To lunch at the Haley House with former Director at the job I broke up with. Good food awkward situation. ( felt very J-Crew-ish today)
To the dentist, optometrist and diamontologist ....this romper under dress for peak of color while looking pulled together. Brilliant!
To a tailoring session for the 'workshop/meetings suit', 'cause they never fit!
To Chinese Dim Sum Dinner with Mr. Husband and sister. Still in love with my 1970' Bonnie Cashin Coach Saddle bag.
The 10 day packing marathon for the big trip....still incomplete.
To good bye dinner with grad school folks. First pair of jeans in an attempt to wear the student 'staple' I will wear at least once each week for 6 months while on my internship.
Enter grad school folks here. They are off to Cambodia, Nepal and China to name a few.
To help out with orientation for the new cohort of students in my grad school program at Heller. I told you liked them jeans.
I am excited for the future leaders from over 40 countries.
Borrowed a friend's sewing machine to do more alterations. On a Friday night!
To a over 30 yo dance party on a rainy night. I got in with Mr. Husband , he is that age cohort.
( cohort twice in a blog academic?)

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