Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Facebook Thoughts

 I tend to post long,  sometimes thought provoking or controversial status updates on Facebook. More habit than anything else. I thought I'd start sharing them here.

Tamika Francis Me to Bartender @ popular Kgn night spot: "One mojito please." Bartender: "No mojito empress.We don't have nuh mint." Me: How come? Bartender: "It hard to get. But yuh can get a cranberry and vodka instead." WTF? WE CAN SOURCE CRANBERRIES (imported)AND NOT MINT(grow roun' house back)? REALLY J'CANS? That 15% Ocean Spray 'ish...is all the hype...read the label...

Yesterday at 7:36pm ·  · 

Tamika Francis ''Hot gyal a hot gyal, sweet like honey''....RAAAYYYY !!!??. Hot girl is so easy. Korean nails, Indian hair, a false sense of security and the outfit off the mannequin. Try socially conscious. Considerate in your consumption. Aware of your behavior and assume collective responsibility for our children's future.

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