Saturday, August 1, 2009

Airport Style Guide

3:45 am @ Logan Airport, Boston

I like airplanes. I fly as often as I can (afford to) and would rather fly to work than drive. A part of the fondness is going through airports. In full disclosure, I love being in airports.  Non-stop flights are over rated since you miss the chance to explore new airports.  An airport is the world in transit…..on your next trip stop and enjoy instead of watching the departure time screen…

Here are my pointers for a stylish airport experience!!

1.     Do book the earliest possible flight.  Lines are shorter at 5am, except on weekends. Book mid week if possible (Tues- Thursday) – flights tend to be cheaper.

2.    Do smile, breath and understand that TSA policies, despite how ridiculous they seem, are your safety. (Scratches head to ponder what 3.5 ounces of shampoo can do as opposed to 3)

3.    Do reuse transparent reusable toiletries pouch instead of  a new zip lock bag each time you travel.

4.      Do wear a cross body bag with pockets for ‘stuff’  (you may find nice vintage or modern ones at thrift stores) or carry a large shoulder tote.

5.     Do carry your own coffee/tea cup and tea bags. This saves  money and avoids Styrofoam cups (the flight attendant may find you odd!!!)  Ps. Hot water is usually free in the airport!!!

6.     Do carry a cute scarf that can double as a blanket – avoid the one left on the seat from the Istanbul or Cairo flight!

7.     Do avoid skirts and dress (gasp: I said it!) They are not the best option for running through terminals and picking up luggage.

8.     Do not wear denim and avoid clothing with pockets. This lessens the tendency to store coins.  Leave the bling at home. Coins in pockets & bling equals a search!!

9.     Do not wear shoes and clothing with hardware and extra fasteners i.e studs, buckles, metal gadgets, lace ups and zippers. Remember you are avoiding a cavity search!!

Linen pants and t-shirts (white, cotton), colored scarf with wooden accessories are my staples .…Chic yet practical and comfy. Cavity search avoided!!

be good. do better. look your best!

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IU said...

Isn't flying utterly horrible for the environment?
No offense; just asking.