Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday classes

As if I had no assignments and house stuff to do, I spent the entire day searching for art(read:stuff) with two of my frenies from school, Lier Bear and PP. We 'studied' two Marshalls,two Goodwill Stores (I did donate atleast $500 in stuff, mostly my sister's stuff.), Target, H&M(nothing god),Macy's (for returns). A sales associate at Goodwill explained that donations are down since the recession. 

Lier Bear was the main reason for the trip. A beautiful woman, who like many others, does not bother to put too much effort into getting dressed. She has a big personality, quite strong and frowns at my 'Stepford wife'(read:cable sweaters) attire at times. She's probably going to call me out for saying that, but I can handle it.

Class notes:
PP set out in search on a black snake skin pumps, but fell in love with a pair of fuscia snake skin sandals she had to take home. Her vintage earring find is seen above. Beautiful.

Lier Bear is not as naive about fashion as she sells the massses. She is firm on what she does not like and open to trying new style outside her defined comfort zone. She loves socks!! Way too much.

Yours truly, exercised restraint. I confirmed however, that my style spans the wide spectrum - ethnic, peasant, modern, vintage,romantic - I like most of it. My best find was a 1970s Coach  Bonnie Cashin Saddle Bag. The associate obviously did not know the value of the item and I bargained $6 off the original price. I own a 39 year old limited edition vintage bag! Yeah me!!


Bargaining is allowed at thrift stores.

You usually will not find the one item, most times basic ,like black shoes, when you really want to. So pick up basics when they are available at good prices and leave intentional shopping trips for unique finds.

Lier Bear and PP are cool chicas!

be good. do better. look your best.

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