Saturday, August 15, 2009

Picked up at the library...but the boy couldn't carry me!

I bought this little cotton number on a recent "poop inna" shopping trip. 

Friday at the library.

Boy no more than 13 years old approaches me, " Hey there beautiful".
Me, flattered by the compliment, turns around to the surprise and replies: "Hi? Thanks. I guess?! [Pause] Are you old enough to even be here alone."
Boy: "Don't play me like that. You go to Madison Hyde Park right?"(referring to a local high school)
Me: "Excuse me?"
Boy: "I'm a be in junior high in the fall."
Me: "You are too cute. Do you know how old I am?"
Boy looking confused and realizing I wasn't a 'shorty', walks away.

I should probably trade this dress in and reconsider the flower in the hair ......


Anonymous said...

LOL. U din get his number?

Brandiss said...

LOL... cute story story.