Friday, August 14, 2009

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Tamika Francis needs a tutorial on what to pack for a 6 month trip out of country. Does the 50lbs per piece still apply? It shouldn't right? Where is the waiver form?

Kriss Kristopher
Hey T.. sorry to break it to u but the waver form is at the post office with a box and some stamps girl u gonna have to mail the excess an if ur like who can't decide between how many polo shirt is too much.
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Nancy Luc
Where are you going?
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Michelle-Ann McPherson
U better pay for about 50 more pieces!!!
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Monique Bertrand
lol! Well I cant help you on that one hun with my three suitcases I had for our 2week conference! lmao
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Janet Bedasse
heh Heh, only two Jeans and wear one because dem well heavy> Carry all the light tops, bottoms and dresses - no problem, the place hot anyway>One decent suit for the occasional decent look meeting. Plan to wash LOL! Carry a BIIIIG Hanbag and put the underwear in it> Then put heavier stuff in the Carryon Bag. Shoes? That's a problem for me!!!!!!! Caryy just the travel lotions etc. and buy them there. Do you havr to carry towels? Hope not, dem heavy too.When do yo go?

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Newness of Life said...

Janet seems to be a pro at this!