Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thrifted pleasure, recycled treasure.

Confession: I am hesitant about thrift shopping. 
My Jamaican experience dictates that you buy new clothes. Period. As a matter of fact, the word thrift does not exist in everyday discourse and would not be understood by the average Jamaican. Try 'poop inna'. Jamaican for used clothing, but with a negative association that someone has already "pooped" in that item.( this may be a good dissertation for an anthropology student)

Despite the taboo, I consigned 30 pieces this week-end in a spring cleaning binge and bought some pieces to inject in my wardrobe. My actions were encouraged by Second Time Around's  one week end only, instant store credit of $140 just for consigning. Free money of sorts.

I walked away with two beautiful cotton skirts, two pieces by Club Monaco[could not otherwise afford], two cotton/silk blend shirts and an amazing light weight cardigan. (doing my happy dance)

Since  human over consumption is a major threat to environmental sustainability and the well being of generations to come, and my hobby is collecting pieces of colored fabric crafted into functional art called clothes, my compromise is to buy more recycled/thrifted items.

be good. do better. look your best.

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