Monday, March 30, 2009

Carnival Week- Day 2

According to
Boyfriend Jacket * (n) a jacket/coat a girl wears that belongs to her boyfriend. she'll make up any excuse (the most common, "i'm cold!") to get her boy to give her his jacket, so she can wear it everywhere and sleep with it, therefore being surrounded by his scent where-ever she goes. then it starts smelling like her and she gives it back for a while.

The boyfriend jacket is all the rage this season. I was about to send an old wool suit I had to Goodwill this past saturday, but decided I'd do the boyfriend jacket look before sending it off to be someone's 'interview attire'.

Jacket - Herve Bernard ( Filene's Basement)
Top - The Gap
Skirt - Miami Heat( 6 years ago in Jamaica)
Necklace - Liz Clairbourne Outlet
Pumps - Tahari

No past boyfriend of mine was this small and none would wear this combination. But since it's still carnival week, I had to pull out the lime green skirt and make it serious enough for a meeting with my Academic advisor. 

Tip: Brights color, even neon, can look polished  if you pair them with structured pieces - blazer, pumps or a structured purse.

be good. do better.look your best.

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