Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Style(Ed) 101

I'm excited to start this section Style(Ed), to share looks I like from classmates during the rest of my semester at the Heller School for Social Policy & Management at Brandies University. I hope I won't get in trouble for singling out some and not others. If I do, ohh well. Take it as a motivator to look your best.

I wasn't the only one in class donning a structured velvet blazer yesterday. Monica, a classmate out of China(who organized fashion shows in her homeland) was similarly dressed. She brilliantly layered in a sweater and shirt combo and added an ornate flower to soften up the look. A pair of washed denim completed her attire.

She was shy, but obliged me when I asked to get her photo. She even gave me a dollar at the vending machine later, as if I wasn't the one that owed her for being apart of by shenanigans. Thanks Monica.

Be good, do better, look your best,

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