Thursday, March 26, 2009

On fellowships and salesmanship

I wanted to write in a public domain that I almost applied to a program I desire with all my heart with two days to spare before the deadline, despite my knowing about it 28 days ago. It is important to say so in this space, simple because it holds me accountable to the blogosphere and myself. I usually allow opportunities to pass me by out of sheer stupidity, laziness, procrastination or all of the above.

I will not however, pass up a one day sale and I have returned home after driving 15 minutes from home to get coupons. Why do we do this? ( Saying we makes me feel less responsible for my actions). Is it because the stores advertise in bright colors, uses model we are told we want to look like and send incentives a.k.a coupons to our doorsteps? Could a fellowship or job really compete with glossy pages and catchy phrases that tell us to spend money we do not have on things we do not need to achieve the look of the season?

What is it about most of us, that allows for immediate reaction to incentive and creative appeal as a priority above investment despite an understanding of long term benefit?

It's too late in the evening to be thinking so hard. 
What will I wear tomorrow?

be better.look your best.

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