Sunday, June 21, 2009

Buttoned dream

I've wanted a button down cotton skirt since 2002. I was in my final year of undergrad when my housemate from the Bahamas had a lovely vintage one she found in Amerstand. My mother had similar styles in the 80's too.

On Thursday , despite the rain I ran over to local consignment shop to pick up some unsold items. Voila!!! Salmon + Button down +My size+ Cotton. +Vintage + J-Crew. On sale for $11 = Dream realized!!

I wore it in NYC the very next day while lunching& walking with my best friend in SOHO. I am so over my fear of poop inna.(Read the post here)

Vintage button down skirt - J-Crew(thrift)
Tank- AE
Silk scarf- LongChamps(thrift)
Bag- CK
T- strap sandals -Steve Madden
be good. do better. look your best.


andrea said...

that skirt looks super cute on you. great find!

Kamika said...

I just love this!