Monday, October 12, 2009

Who said bridesmaid dresses are for one time use?

A few months ago I attended a friend's wedding in Barbados. She had the novel idea of custom made silk dupioni corseted tops, pencil skirts and banded belts.

Honestly, at first I didn't get it. When I got to BIM( as Barbados is called) I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was her selection, a rich fabric in an amazing colour, but her design was carefully executed by Caribbean Icon Award Fashion Designer Pat Brathwaite. (See her work here and here and here)
Wasn't Les the most beautiful bride?
My friend Les, heard me plotting on the many ways I'd wear the outfit again...even before her wedding was over. I still havent done the crisp button down white shirt, tons of Channel-esque pearls and nude pumps just yet.

I had shown only a peek of the dress here. Here's how I've worn pieces of the bridal attire...countless times.
Above, the entire outfit, in my friend's bridal party, Barbados.
With a nude pocketed dress and gold hoops, out to drinks with friends in Kingston.

With dark denim, a metallic top and wedges, out for drink with friends in Waltham, Ma. CIMG0061
With a button down pin stripe shirt and white boot leg pants, presenting at a conference in Jamaica.
With a off white 3/4 sleeve tank , orange bib necklace and purple velvet flats, today at work in St. Lucia.

be good. do better. look your best.


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