Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pre- Earth Day Style

Every day is the earth's day, but April 22nd is a designated day to draw attention to the challenges facing our natural environment as well as  to celebrate it's beauty.

Join the rest of the world and go to the
Earth Day website to help create 1 Billion Acts of Green. There's the planting a tree, changing light bulbs etc, that definitely help reduce carbon emission and such. The site has options to describe your action. I decided to register that I'm wearing a mostly thrifted/recycle outfit today (not sure what category that falls under)& I'm educating family and friends( you included!). It's important to add that my clothes were air dryed as well. Which means extra points to me for not using the dryer, I also didn't need to iron my clothes since I was careful to fold them neatly.

H&M sweater - thrifted
Grey skirt- thrifted
Shell earrings- thrifted
Scarf worn as a belt- thrifted
Gold tiered necklace- thrifted
Shoes - not thrifted(I still have a red flag on that)

be good. do better.look your best.

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