Monday, April 6, 2009

Flour Bag or Bag of Flour?

I was in the Gap recently to buy a springy looking canvas tote, when I remembered I plan to make a my own very special tote with fabric that tells a great story and is bound to be a conversation starter.

And the story goes…

This past February school vacation week a gang of Heller folks, yours truly included, volunteered on an environmental justice project in Arizona on a Navajo Indian reservation. In addition to the lessons of history, project planning and friendships, I brought home jewelry and a dream catcher. My most exciting treasure however, are the two cotton flour sacks pictured above. Since I was unable to find a piece of rope (used for jump rope/skipping) I received from an elderly woman who was fascinated by my hair, these Blue Bird 20lb flour sacks sufficed. I’m excited about the rare find since they sure don’t package many goods like this anymore. Most importantly it reminds me of my father who used to complain that despite my appetite I don’t weigh more than a bag of flour!! 

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Payal said...

i forgot i saved a rice bag for you! remind me to give it to you.