Monday, September 28, 2009

SHE started in a supermarket

Let's talk Caribbean Chic.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to pick up SHE in the grocery store. IT WAS JUST THERE!! AVAILABLE. The magazine is carried by one [as far as I know] book store in Boston. I was familiar with the coveted glossy pages of caribbean fashion, features and profiles of fabulous Caribbean women, but had no knowledge that it was as St. Lucian as the Pitons!!

This month's issue has a lovely round up of Caribbean fashion Week that took place this past June in Kingston.

"Since its inception in September 1998 as a freebie from Julian’s Supermarket, SHE Caribbean has developed into a highly respected international women’s magazine. Publisher Mae Wayne remembers well the magazine’s beginnings as a promotional vehicle for the supermarket’s products. The response was encouraging from the start. Gradually, the magazine changed its Saint Lucia bound focus to concentrate on all women from the region"

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